Here in the UK we are an experienced and creative team of designers, product developers, merchandisers, and technical specialists, dedicated to ensuring that our retail partners receive the best possible product, at the right time, and at the right price. We work with every customer to ensure that they receive unique and exciting socks & hosiery ranges which reflect the values and personality of their brand.


Cityfax UK office and showroom is based in Corby, and we also have offices in Istanbul, Turkey and Shanghai and Guangzhou, China. All our customers are welcome to visit us in any of our locations, but when you cannot come to us, we are always happy to visit you. Our showroom is also set up for video conferencing so that we can showcase new products, share presentations and ideas, and hold critical path & product development meetings at your convenience.

Our fashion accessories business, Meller Designs, is based in Bedford and offers the same level of product confidence, quality and service.


Many of our team have experience in working for both the supply and retail/brand sides of the industry, giving them a unique insight into our customers’ requirements. We speak your language, we understand the challenges you face, and can develop and offer solutions which enable you to deliver the best possible range to your customers.