At Cityfax we are committed to driving improvements in sustainable practices across the business and throughout the supply chain to facilitate protection of the environment and combat climate change. We are passionate about developing a more sustainable future for the fashion industry, and we understand how important this is to the strategic plans of our customers.


We are also very aware that often, a more sustainable solution comes with costs attached. We are committed to working very closely with all our retail partners and factories to develop productive and workable solutions which meet the needs of the customer.

We endeavour to offer a sustainable choice for every product option, giving our customers the maximum level of flexibility and opportunity to make informed decisions about the sustainable or recycled content in their ranges.


Here at Cityfax design and sourcing hub we recycle all of our office waste, and are working very closely with all of our manufacturers and 3rd party partners to reduce our use of virgin plastic in packaging. We endeavour to use only labelling and ticketing from recycled sources of card, paper or rPET, according to our clients requirements. All of our lighting is low energy LED.